Esejas. 2. grāmata Michel de Montaigne


Published: 1982


141 pages


Esejas. 2. grāmata  by  Michel de Montaigne

Esejas. 2. grāmata by Michel de Montaigne
1982 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 141 pages | ISBN: | 3.72 Mb

I cant review this book. It is far too important to me and has affected my life in too many ways over too many years. I keep a journal and in many ways I look to Montaigne as a model of what to write about and how to live my life.There are far more classics than anyone can read. Every culture has them and every attempt to list the most important ones to read is flawed and inappropriate for many readers.All I can say is that I recommend this one to anyone who believes that Socrates was right that the unexamined life is not worth living.

The English translation is very good and once you get used to the style actually quite easy to read. In many ways easier than Shakespeare or Cervantes who were contemporaries. In the French, unless you are a native speaker, I would get an edition with modernized spelling. My French is pretty good, but the original, the way Montaigne spelled, makes it slow going and unless you are a professional scholar not worth it IMHO.The world center of Montaigne studies is at the U. of Chicago. They publish a journal and recently created a DVD of the Bordeaux edition whcih was quite a technical feat given its fragility and the protectiveness of the French government of a national treasure.One of my fond memories was attending a seminar at the U of C (my alma mater) for a few days where the leading scholars from around the world read from their current research and discussed it.

It was a real pleasure for me to hear all this. I was able to understand the discussions, in both English and French, even though Im not a scholar. Most importantly there was no snobbery. No one treated me like I had no right to be there even though I was the only lay person there. That was special.Finally I would point out that as Ive grown older I have a completely different understanding of Montaigne than I did when I first encountered him as a teenager.

So even if you did read Montaigne in college, do it again.”

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